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Directions to Pescadero Palace

When you arrive in Los Cabos, you will see the rental car booths in the main arrival area of the airport.  They will put you on a shuttle to cross the parking lot to their main office.  Once you have the car, exit the airport and at the �Y�, veer to the right towards San Jose del Cabo.  This will take you to the main highway.  The airport is located at Km 44 on the main highway and downtown Cabo San Lucas is at Km 0 so it�s approximately a 45 minute drive.  Just before you arrive in Cabo, you will come to a traffic light with a road going to your right.  It is the road to Todos Santos (highway 19).  There is a big bull ring on this corner, and a hard to see sign that says �Todos Santos�.  Turn right there and a mile or so down the road you will turn right again (second light signal), on the road to Todos Santos.  You will be at about Km. 124 on highway 19 and Todos Santos is at Km. 50.  You will take highway 19 to the little town of El Pescadero, where you will see a Pemex gas station on your left.  Continue .7 miles past the Pemex gas station, and you will see a dirt road on the left.  There is a large sign that says Pescadero Palace with red arrows pointing towards the ocean.  Turn left off of the highway onto this dirt road.  Take it to the end, where you will go around the right side of a hill, and it will dead end at the beach.  Pescadero Palace will be on your left.  It is the only yellow house in the area (far left side) and there is a sign infront on it.  In case of emergency, please call us here on our Mexican cell (612) 141-7026.  If it is already dark when you arrive, you can call us from the Pemex gas station, and we will drive and meet you there.   

We recommend that you stop in Cabo for some grocery items...There is Costco, a Walmart, and two huge super markets called Chedraui and Soriana's on the road to the Villa.

home Todos Santos Vacation Rentals activities & coupons map weather reservations

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