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Robert Quirk-2008

This was another great year.  Instead of starting a condo project in San Jose del Cabo, I decided to consolidate and move into our beach house full time, and finish it off.  It worked out really good, because the economy went into recession, and the real estate slumped.  I wanted to make a spectacular home, big enough for friends and family to visit, with extra rooms to rent so I would never have to worry about money.  I wanted another 4 bedrooms and 4 more bathrooms, another Jacuzzi, and a heated swimming pool with a waterfall.  So we started construction in March and ended in late November.  The house turned out perfect, and now it is everything I ever dreamed of.  I even had enough time to go up and see my brother Greg, his wife Susan, and their children Alex and Lucy.  I continued surfing and flying through most of the year

The house turned out perfect and I'm sooooo glad to get it finished!  This photo shows the entire property, and the palapa in the lower right hand corner is the hanger where I keep the plane.


House of Robert and Justin Quirk

This is the new Villa which adds another 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, waterfall, Jacuzzi, and swimming pool.  I wanted to simplify life, and I'm so glad I did this instead of starting a new condo project in San Jose del Cabo. 

Here is a photo of my 100 horsepower Antares.  This bird has a 1000 mile range and is alot of fun to fly!

Robert Quirk in the ultralight Antares

In October, I went up to visit my brother Greg, and his wife Susan.  We had a nice visit at his house up in Los Osos. 

Here is a photo from November 3 right in front of the Villa in Pescadero.

Robert Quirk in Pescadero 2008

Here is a photo right up in the pocket on a little wave on December 2.





I've been doing this personal blog since 2001, until they finally came

out with a website called Facebook a couple of years ago, so that's

where I am now.....this one is finished.  RQ



 Robert Quirk
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